GDS Integration

A leading IT company wanted Orisys Infotech to develop a travel portal for their client, a popular tour and travel company based in Nigeria.


Orisys Infotech's team are the very best I`ve worked with in the last 5 years of my web development time. They make complex task seem so easily. During the development of Travelfix they proved to be exceptional. I`ll always channel my projects to them.

-- Technical Lead

The Need

The travel portal was needed to be built to allow customers to book flights, Hotels and Cars through booking engines.

The website needed to be easily navigable, responsive and integrated with Amadeus global distribution system ( GDS) to access travel information including flight, hotels and Cars, through web services.

Apart from GDS integration, the need was to develop a content management system for informative pages, corporate and affiliate modules.

The Solution

Orisys Infotech worked closely with our client to analyse the requirements and came up with appropriate solution best suited for the application. Orisys Infotech worked with the Amedus's technical team to integrate the portal with GDS by using their web services.

Orisys Infotech developed a content management system to allow the management staff to manage contents in various informative pages.   

Key Features

  ♦  Booking engine for Flights, Hotels and Transfer
  ♦  Integrated with Amedus GDS using SOAP and XML.
  ♦  Use of Amedus webservices to obtain data and complete the entire booking process ( from search to payment)
  ♦  Corporate module
  ♦  Affiliates module
  ♦  Content Management System
  ♦  Responsive Website