Keywords Study and Analysis to Beat Your Competitors

We will analyse to find out the most effective Keywords to represent your website those capable of beating your competitors.

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Keyword optimization to drive qualified traffic

Because of its difficult nature, most site owners, marketers and bloggers don't spend enough time optimizing keywords to drive searchers to your site, you must optimize for the keywords they're searching for.

Keyword optimization is the process of finding, researching, analyzing and selecting the most appropriate and relevant keywords that your target audience are searching for the products and services you are offering.

Keywords research and optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of establishing a robust SEO strategy.

Targeting a list of keywords is the first step to take initiative for search engine optimization.

Researching and targeting strong keywords to ensuring that the right words, phrases, and language is used for a range of different content types that your target audience is actually searching on google

Why Keywords Optimization?

Keywords and SEO both are equally important in ranking high in search engines. Resulting in getting more online traffic to your website and gaining high quality traffic.

Most of the new keywords are discovered during the research and analysis phase based on a combination of search volume, level of competition and specific search intent.

In order to optimize your content and gain high ranking in search engines for the keywords that visitors search for, you should always use the right keywords optimization strategies that help search engines to understand what your web page all about and improve the page's search engine ranking for those terms.

During publishing a new post or web page, keywords optimization tactics should always be in use strategically. This helps search engines to understand your content and improve ranking.

Below are the reasons why Keywords and SEO both are equally essential to achieve your goals as mentioned below :
Think about Search Intent

It is important to take search intent into consideration while doing your keywords research.

Search intent enable you to plan your content in such a manner that it meets your target users need. The search intents are divided into following categories :

Keyword research for various Instances

Keyword research for SEO/PPC
Keyword research for social media marketing
content creation with proper
Keyword research
Keyword research for market/audience

Keywords Optimization Tips For SEO

1) Audit Your current on page SEO
Meta description
Here is how to make a compelling meta description :
  • Keep it up to 155 characters
  • Should be unique and interesting
  • Include your primary keywords or phrases
  • Don't duplicate the meta description in every web page.
  • Every web page should have unique description
  • Avoid using alphanumeric characters
Optimizing meta description properly can increase :
  • Increase click through Rate in SERPs
  • Higher Click through rates Improves search ranking
  • It works as a mini ad for your web page
  • Can be a part of rich snippet plan
  • Influence people the click your web page in SERPs

Page headline are often read by human visitors. Having an appealing headlines using your important keywords can create a good impression and ensure your visitors that they are in right place.

Header tags

Refer to the HTML element (H1 - H6>. headers, also known as body tags. usually used to identify the headings and sub-headings of your web page.

Search engines give special weight to words mentioned in header tags and determine accordingly what your page all about.

URL Structure
Image Optimization
Publish High Quality Content
2) Find keywords for your website

Website keywords are deciding factors for the success of your organic search efforts and SEO.

Researching, analyzing and selecting optimized Keywords is the process of bridging the gap between your website and target audience.

Once brain storming the related search terms by using google analytics, search console or any other popular tools, shortlist the keywords according to relevancy highest searches, best conversion rates and keyword difficulties.

Keywords analysis is not only useful for creating perfectly optimizing new content, but also crucial for improving SEO and reaching your target audience.

Exploring new search words and refinement of your phrases are very essential to keep moving ahead. So Don’t be with the same set of keywords all the time.

Its a good practice to Use keyword research and analysis tools to explore new possibilities.

3) Map your keywords

Once all your keywords are shortlisted relevant to your website contents, you can then map them best match to specific web pages on the website.

You can make specific on page optimizations and recommendations based on your mapping process to make the page become more consistent to the mapped keywords.

The Idea behind keyword mapping is to help you to segregate appropriate keywords to most relevant web pages rather than keeping all the terms in home page. This is the way you can maintain relevancy of your web pages with proper mapping of keywords.

Proper mapping ultimately help search engines to know your web page all about and rank high for most optimized search terms.

4) Add keywords to your site

Once all the keywords are short listed and determined which keywords are best relevant to which page, its time to use them for creating new content or use them by modifying your existing content.

5) Avoid keywords stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of including a target keyword numerous time on a web content to result higher in search ranking.

If the key-terms are over used deceptively with poor content, it will adversely effect your ranking and search result. So this black-hat practice should be avoided.

This practice was a common strategy and successful way of enhancing search visibility of a web page back in 1990 to early 2000. During this time google and other search engines were greatly relied on exact keywords match.

Now the search engines are more smarter and in future they will even be more smarter. Now search engines can catch when keywords are abruptly and un-naturally distributed throughout the content and meta tags


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