Auditing and Marketing Campaigns

Our regular auditing and marketing campaigns will improve your business and performance in right way.

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Auditing and Improving your marketing campaigns

Conducting a regular digital marketing audit will allow you to gain considerable understanding which particular initiatives are performing well and which specific areas require a different approach to enhance your overall performance and better ROI.

This audit requires thorough tests and analysis of the all digital marketing aspects like website, SEO, PPC, social media promotion, Contents and Competitors.

You need digital marketing audit if you find any of the followings. Its always recommended to have audit in regular point of time to get better ROI and stay ahead of competition.

  • Your website losing traffic and unstable visitors
  • Your bounce rate is too high
  • You are not hitting your sales targets and failing at sales
  • your social media audience and followings are low
  • Your paid marketing budget is low in comparison to sales and you want more sales target at low budget.

Carrying out a routine audit of your digital marketing effort is the most effective way of getting a clear overview of current performance. It allows you to get considerable recommendations of what changes need to be made, diagnose any key issues and focus those areas for growth and improvement.

Usually there are three level of digital marketing audits, which needs to be highly considered for evaluating your marketing performance. These include:

Check Impact of your digital marketing campaign

After investing a while in digital marketing activities now its time to evaluate the performance and impact of your campaign with following questions:

  • How have things improved for your business?
  • How many leads have you been generated?
  • How many new customers have you got?
  • What is your brand loyalty improvement?
  • Whether you achieved any of your business goals?
  • What’s your return on investment?

Strategic GAP Analysis

A digital gap analysis proves incredibly useful in accurately determining the current status of their online marketing performance as compared to true potential. A deeper analysis of digital marketing campaigns can identify where the gaps are and what needs to be done to meet those gaps in-order to achieve their online marketing goal


Capability and strength of your team which to enable them to plan and ensure digital marketing strategies that will bring expected and desirable results.

Digital Marketing Audit Basics You Need to Know

These key areas identify and ensure a better insight into your brand, product or service’s digital presence and accurately indicate the impact of your digital marketing campaign on the future and sustainability of your business.

Branding Audit
Collect Customer Feedback
Measure Brand Perception
Reviews, Ratings, Comments
Brand Values & Reputations
User Experience
Page Load speed
Mobile performance
Link Authority
Click through rates
Rate of conversion
Organic ranking
Social Media
Click through rate
Email Marketing
Open Bounce Rate
Click through rate
Direct Mail Send
Social Media
Competiotors Strength
Traffic Strategy
Social Media Engagement
Organic Position
Traffic Source

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