Making Your Website Crawling Accessibility

Using our vast experience we will do your website Search Engine Crawling Accessibility and Index-ability.

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Site Crawling Accessibility and Index-ability

To get information about new or updated contents search engines use web crawlers. The prime focus of these web crawlers to find and index content .

They get all the information about a website by going links to links internally, through alt tags, meta description tags, structure data and other elements present in the code of the site.

The ability of a web crawler is to make search engines enable to access and index pages on a website.

  • Crawlability : Can be best described the search engine's ability to read contents and follow links on a webpage.
  • Indexability : measures search engine’s ability to analyze the content on your web page and add your website’s pages to its index.




Factors Affecting Crawlability and Indexability

There are various factors affecting crawlability and indexability of any given websites:

  • The Structure of your Website
  • Internal linking structure
  • Outdated version or unsupported technology
  • Error codes
  • Broken page redirects
  • Server Errors




How to make a website easier for crawlers to access

  • Submit a site map to google
  • Strengthen Internal links with proper link structure
  • Maintain content freshness with Regular updates and add new content
  • Avoid duplicate contents copied from somewhere else
  • Speed up your page load time


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