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Compelling UX Design

UX design is the process of making a website or products by considering various aspects such as usability, interactive & visually appealing design and delightful to interact with.

Its all about enhancing the user experience of people to find best of their interest, while interacting with the services you are providing.

UX design is one of the dominating digital marketing factors which can't be ignored by the marketers.

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool and Users should encounter an intuitive and effortless experience Upon visiting your website.

What to consider during UX design process?
1) Consider your Audience - A UX design process typically starts with research and analysis on the intended target audience for a web portal:
  • Their area of interest
  • Their motivations
  • Their goals and objectives
  • What they need to achieve on the site
  • Even what they’ll probably be doing and in which search intent when they navigate different pages
2) Considers your content with strategic analysis
3) Create a logical architecture of your website
4) Proper menu structure
5) Delivery of right information at the right time

Reasons why user experience (UX) should be a priority for Digital Marketers

User experience can impact your digital marketing Effort.

Today's consumers are mobile savvy and needs to get information instantly and easily without any confusion.

Without a positive user experience your marketing effort can be badly affected.

If your web page is customer centered and designed to best user experience, it will be easy for web users to access, read, understand and navigate. This will keep your website way ahead of competitors, which leads to more traffic, brand popularity and increase in customer base.

When you design a webpage that’s centered on user experience, you create a room that’s easy for the reader to access, understand, and navigate. This, leads to keep your website ahead from competitors who are less concerned and aware about UX, hence boost your traffic, customer base and increase sales.

Modern users prefer to proceed with UX-optimized website and the following statistics can give you a clear picture
  • More than 70% of people prefer to access a UX-optimized site in comparison to poorly UX designed website.
  • 75% of consumers admit company’s credibility based on the company’s website design
  • 88% of online consumers unlikely to get back to a site after a bad experience
  • Nearly 40% of people more likely to exit websites that load slowly.
  • 39% of people will leave a website if images are too slow or take too long to load
  • 47% of Users likely to prefer a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website
  • It’s a must to make your site mobile friendly and it should be responsive with all screen resolutions. Every year The amount of mobile traffic grows and is even expected to be more than half of global connections in 2021.

Data Source From SWEOR

The rise in mobile phones usage has changed a lot the way people connect to internet, view and buy online. The desktop is less preferred now days due to growing demand of smart phone usage and increasing number of digital users.

usability has a big effect on customers satisfaction; so much so that it :
  • Increases user willingness to pay by 14.4%.
  • less likely to switch brands by 15.8%.
  • Enhance Users interest to recommend a product by 16.6%.
Why UX design is so important?
This is essential for digital marketers to understand the importance of UX design as follows :
  • Create a pleasing experience and positive impression .
  • Positive UX creates high level of customer satisfaction.
  • UX Design boost conversions on your website.
  • UX Design increases your SEO rankings
  • Create trust and credibility with UX Design
  • Save time and cost to Increase revenue
  • Optimize it to mobile
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase website engagement
  • Increase the rate of returning users
How to make a great UX

Customers become satisfied with your business, when your products or services are offered with a good UX. Your customers usually enjoy their time accessing your website dedicated with easy to use UX.

This leads to boost customer satisfaction, increase flow of new customers and convert potential users into regulars, and retain the existing customers.

Let’s get down to the list of most important UX factors that requires to have a truly great website.
  • Focus on your target market audience
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Plan to place and choose the menu order strategically and logically
  • Promote User-Friendly and responsive Navigation
  • Use, easy to access site structure and user-friendly language
  • Make design usable and accessible
  • Leverage Visual Hierarchy
  • Engaging clear CTAs to convince users to take action
  • Adequate White Space
  • Optimize for mobile and other screen resolutions
  • Be careful with dropdowns
  • Be consistent in format, style, and design
  • Ensure optimal contrast ratio (preferably 7:1)
  • Leave no room for confusion. Always indicate where you are.
  • Harness the power of your footer menu
  • Do create a sitemap
  • Be strategic with related content and removes duplicate content
  • Always Use a Single Column
  • Avoid to use too Many Pop-Up Windows
  • Avoid Long Lines and Tiny Text


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