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We are providing all type GDS and API Integration services. If you have the API, we will integrate it on your website.

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API Integration Services Company

We are experienced in Integrating Rest APIs, Soap APIs, Json, XMPL APIs and more that allows seamless communications between various software applications & programs.

API Integration Services - Rest, Soap, Json, XML API integration company

We are an API integration company providing successful web API integration services that helps business connect third-party apps with software applications.

The benefits of integrating third party integration solutions has been realised by growing number of businesses. The effectiveness of API integration solutions can be greatly realized during the course of business operations.

Orisys Infotech can Integrate bespoke web application with any third party API providers such as Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, TBO(Travel Boutique Online), Sun API, Aviate Group, Centrium, Company house API, GST API, Google APIs, Facebook API’s, SMS gateways, Payment gateways, Travel APIs, Hotel booking APIs, Flight booking APIs, Car rental APIs, Bus APIs and more.

API Integration Services - Rest, Soap, Json, XML API integration company

Today's web and mobile applications need to work with and integrate data from a variety of different applications and data sources. Our API integration services include:

Travel API Integration
GDS Integration
Social Media API Integration
Company House API Integration
GST API Integration
SMS Gateway Integration
Payment Gateway
Google API Integration

API Integration Process

Initial Research and Analysis

The Initial research and analysis for API integration is based on three things.

What are the types of APIs to Implement- There are three different types of web API’s: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer), and RPC (Remote Procedural Call).

What Data paylod are we Handling - These API’s can usually either send data in XML or JSON or both payloads.

Appropriate documentation is a must - API integration is a difficult task, without proper documentation. If API providers are popular then their documentation should be proper and complete. The document should be robust with a WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) for SOAP based API or a WADL (Web Application Description Language) for REST API. Its quite difficult to complete an API integration project without proper documentation.

Data flow planning

once the Initial research and analysis of API is completed and determined the API Integration Feasibility, its time to plan the data flow. Data Flow planning helps gaining a clear understanding of the data to be integrated.

Data flow planning indicates:

  • whether the data is structure or unstructured?
  • What are its sources?
  • What data are required?
  • How the data will be delivered ?
  • How frequently the data needs to be delivered?
  • Data flow planning are the data you are intending to transfer from one application to another.

Things to consider while determining data flow planning:

API Credential and Authentication – Most of the APIs are protected by some sorts of security measures. Simply creating a URL and expecting to get the desired data by sending it across the web won't work, unless until you meet the desired security measures. The popular security protocols are OAuth and SAML In this phase you should consider the time estimation to run the authentication instances and needs to ensure whether to open the data flows continually or intermittently.

Timing/Volume/Speed –

  • When Data needs to be transferred?
  • How much data and how often the data needs to be transferred?
  • It indicates the volume of data need to be transferred in comparison to rate of data transfer and time to complete the transfer?

Data Discrepancies – This requires to ensure that the data is in a format that is compatible to other end point like date & time formatting. Now days many SAAS applications consists of custom objectives, so that new type of data can be added to the application.

CRUD – The system should need to know what you want to do with the information while sending data to a new system. Whether you want to create a new record, read a record, update a record or delete a record. This helps to avoid creating duplicate records or deletion of important records.

Crud stands for

  • C - Create
  • R - Read
  • U - Update
  • D - Delete

Data Map

Its best to create a master data map, once you accomplish the data flow plan. This will make your job easier during the time of development. This Master data map makes sure the developers, consultants and users are aligned in same page prior the beginning of development and things become complicated to change.


Once you finished Initial API analysis, Data flow planning and Data Mapping, the development will be much easier and you can have a proper planning with valuable data.

Unit testing & System Testing - This is also called development testing to ensure its executing two things:

  • To make it sure the authentication has be properly executed.
  • The data is should be making its way to the endpoint properly.

Use case testing - The purpose of an API integration are usually planned and designed to satisfy the objectives of a business. Use cases are make sure the application or product with API integration works exactly as the business intended to do it without any break down and disruptions.

Third party API Integration solutions we provide

XML API Integration
GDS Integration
Airlines API Integration
Hotel API Integration
Car Rental API Integration
Bus API Integration
GST API Integration
Payment gateway Integration
SMS Gateway Integration

API Providers we work with

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