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Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile SEO is the practice of optimizing your website with a great UX combined with exceptional viewing on mobile devices.

It's all about making your mobile site looks great, functions properly and loads quickly without any issues that matches the users search intent.

Many companies don't realize the importance of a mobile responsive website. When you don't have a mobile responsive website, it hurts your SEO and create a negative perception of your business.

If you want to provide better user experience and prevent bad mobile experiences, its important for your website to work well on mobile devices

and for this you must optimize your site to be mobile-friendly.

A mobile responsive website should :
  • Easy for search engines to understand
  • Loads quickly
  • Responsive on mobile devices
  • allow users to navigate the site without any hassle
  • readable and clear view content that does not require readers to zoom
  • Offers value to users

Why is Mobile SEO Increasingly Important !

Google shaping the future with mobile search on smart phones and index with mobile first approach and reward the website that caters to both mobile and desktop version.

Half of global web traffic flows from mobile devices hence your website should meet all the parameters of mobile-friendliness.

Google rewards mobile friendly sites as they are mobile optimized and meets usability and functionality needs of a growing majority of visitors.

As per google having a mobile responsive website indicates that your website is going to be crawled and indexed swiftly by crawlers and this is the reason why load speed is one of the most essential ranking factors.

When it comes to e-commerce for businesses and their partners, mobile is the prime organizational necessity for day to business activities like product display, point of sale, return, payments, reviews, ratings and many more to have strong hold in today's ecommerce.

Importance Mobile SEO as mentioned below :
  • People Prefer to search on mobile
  • Mobile Search Is the prime choice of visitors to access websites and contents
  • Google Prioritizes Websites that Provide a flawless Experience On Mobile
  • Mobile Content regulates Google Search Ranking
  • Mobile Search Drives more Sales
  • Mobile SEO Dominate Voice Search

Mobile SEO best practices to improve your ranking

The Mobile-first index ensure that google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites and considering that most searches carried out on mobile.

The real challenge when creating a mobile seo strategy is getting seamless user experience.

Lets have a look at best mobile SEO practices as mentioned below :


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