Self Drive Car Rental Booking Website Development India

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Self Drive Car Rental Booking Website Development India

We provide self drive car rental solution for car rental companies. If you are looking for a self drive car rental website with your own requirement then our software development team can provide you the self drive car rental portal of your choice. By offering highly customizable car rental booking system, your customers can search, view and book cars instantly with just a few clicks.

With customized car rental website and online booking engine can make your self drive car rental business much easier. By getting a web based car rental booking engine integrated in your car rental website, you have the chance to enhance your reach to more visitors and thereby generation of more revenues and profit. Prospective clients can get fare details with instant rate calculation as well as book reservations online.

Maximise Your Online Booking Potential :

Self drive car rental website with unique design and fully integrated booking system can turn your website visitors in to paying customers. Few features of self drive car rental solutions as mentioned below:

Step By step booking process

Your customers can book cars from your self drive car rental website in 5 steps booking process. Visitors can search cars, view cars, select optional extras, put their personal details and pay online to book the desired car.

User friendly admin control panel

Control panel to manage your cars, prices, seasons, cities, locations, create car categories, optional extras, receive bookings and more.

Display your vehicles

Display your vehicles professionally to attract more visitors. Once you put your vehicles within the admin control pane, it will display vehicles for booking through your website.

Online bookings

With the help of online booking engine your visitors can search, view and book cars online from your website. Web based booking engine will make your website more interactive and responsive to visitors.

Define price

Define price of cars easily by seasons. You can define price with discount price to attract more bookings and beat your competitors by changing prices any time as you wish.

Content managed

You can manage content of your entire self drive car rental website with your easy to use admin control panel to keep freshness of your website.

Define seasons

Define seasons like high season, low season, mid season etc. You can create any number of seasons and define price by seasons.

Define cities and locations

You can add any number of pick up and drop off cities and locations.

Optional extras

Create optional extra with free and paid option. Your customers can avail those optional extras during booking of rental cars.

Auto price calculation

During booking of vehicles the price will be calculated automatically. There will be no manual calculation of fare. Your customers can view fare details during booking of vehicle, which is instant and automated.

Auto invoice sending

once a booking is completed successfully, visitors will receive invoice immediately to their email with all detail. This is an automated process by the booking system.

Auto distance calculation

The distance will be automatically calculated.

View & modify bookings

After successful booking of cars, bookers can view and modify their bookings using their email id and unique booking generation number.

XML API Integration We Provide

The main focus of Orisys Infotech is to provide Effective integration of third party XML API into your travel portal. We provide XML API & REST API integration service to enable your travel portal for booking of flights, hotel, car rental, bus ticket and holidays . We provide hassle free integration of both SOAP and REST APIs.

White Label GDS Integration

Our GDS Integration Service will help your travel company book thousands of airlines, hotel rooms, car rental, bus reservation and holidays online. The white label GDS integration we provide are Amadeus, Travel boutique online(TBO), Aviate, Centrium, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and travelport.