Orisys Infotech Packaged all for Abbot Travel

"Working with Orisys infotech has been a great partnership and we have developed so much thanks to their help and guidance. They are so easy to work with and we are glad we choose them to help work on our technology side of things. Our website business has developed and increased by 250% thanks to them, we would gladly recommend them to anyone due to the great work they do."

Allister Cole, Abbot Travel, UK

Abbot Travel  - www.abbot.travel   

Abbot Travel offers affordable holiday package tours for its potential customers.  Visitors can book all inclusive (Flight, Hotel, Transfer and Meal Plan) package tour online though www.abbot.trvel web portal.

abbot.travel is integrated with white label Hotel APIs and Flight APIs (OTAs). Along with multiple hotel API integration, the website also has its own hotel inventory. The site displays hotel data by filtering both hotel APIs and own inventory.


    Internet Booking Engine development
    Multiple API  integration (Hotel & flight)
    GDS integration with popular flight APIs ( OTA) for booking flights
    GDS integration with multiple popular hotel APIs (OTA) for booking hotel rooms
    Display of hotel s by combining data from own hotel inventory and OTAs
    Own hotel inventory


A very slow web site, Lack of technical expertise by the development team, non scalable database design, Non-responsive website and Poor support by the previous service provider made the portal non-functional.

Multiple Hotel and Flight GDS/API Integration along with own Hotel inventory

Multiple Payment gateway integration

Complex logic to calculate accurate cost of Tour packages, combining Hotel, Flight, Meal Plan, Transfer and discounts.

Secure web site

Better performance.


Orisys Infotech built the portal from scratch and provided a solution that serve Abbot Travel’s returning and potential customers better. Our solution allows:

Abbot Travel to Manage their own Hotel inventory, monitor bookings, Upload Hotel information of partners, Define blackouts and meal plans for hotel rooms and Mark Ups.

Potential customers to search for Flights and Hotel room availability and book package tours.

  The portal is integrated with multiple white lable Hotel and Flight APIs.

  Own Hotel Inventory, Real time Hotel data from multiple Hotel OTAs, Real time Flight data from OTAs, Discounts and Customer Information aggregated to calculate
      cheapest tour package cost.

  Better look, easy to navigate, enhanced performance, SEO compatible and responsive design.


The Result              

Orisys Infotech developed the vacation Package Tour Portal and delivered within the estimated time. Abbot Travel is one of the major players in the Vacation Package Tour industry.

Abbot Travel is happy at Orisys Infotech’s support and quick resolution time for any issues in www.Abbot.Travel portal.

The key areas of benefit for Abbot Travel are:

  Increased search engine ( Google, Bing etc) visibility.
  Increased sales   
  Customer Usability
  Easy online booking process.