Integration of GDS services and Growth of the Hotel industry

Global Distribution System has turned to be the heart and soul of the hotel industry these days. Various GDS applications have enabled a great many top-notch hotels to grow stronger, creating envy among its competitors. Here is how the hotel industry is forging ahead taking advantages of the GDS services.

Advantages of the Global Distribution System

Hotels in partnership with the Global Distribution Systems can effectively connect to an overwhelming number of customers. GDS provide a huge market place for Hotels by making them a part of a wider network of travel agents.

By becoming a member of the GDS, Travel agents can get an access to all the hotels worldwide. They can display all the necessary information about hotels; numbers of rooms, images of the rooms and all the modern amenities available for comfort of guests. Visitors can find the hotels, according to their needs and book rooms online easily as a single point of access. Also, they are kept up-to-date with the inflated or reduced hotel prices, discounted rates and other profitable packages.

Integrating GDS, travel agencies allow the customers for online hotel room booking at their desired locations that are connected under the GDS network. Hereby, customers get an opportunity to spend holidays either in any ocean-front hotels or any other luxury hotels as they dream to be there one day.

The most commonly used GDS providers

A few of the Global Distribution System providers have helped in smooth running of the hotel business. It has helped in a great way to bolster the revenue growth of the industry. Some of the most popular GDS providers are: Amadeos, Galilio International, Sabre and Worldspan. 

Amadeos : is one of the Global Distribution System providers that are connecting the hotels to all the customers across the world. Travel agencies having Central Reservation System can have a direct connection with the GDS through a switch company. Also they can get connected with it through the Amadeus LinkHotel connection. Besides providing reasonable rates, it gives you access to all the information in the local languages.

Galilio International is a part of Travelport groups is usually used to book airlines, Hotels and Car rentals world-wide. Tourists can get an easy and quick access of the required information and book for the luxury hotels, car rentals, trains and cruises entering the GDS network. It connects both the buyers and sellers successfully.

Sabre : is one of the most popular Global distribution system providers that connect a large number of airlines, world-class hotels, first-rate car rentals and cruise lines with the tourists across the world. It provides a broad set of unique services at negotiated rates to relay the right information to the end-users quickly.

Worldspan : It is a part of the Travelport Groups. Worldspan GDS is integrated with a broad set of valuable services that help in booking of the airline tickets, hotels and train ticket reservations through its wide-ranging GDS network.

How Orisys can help you?

Orisys Infotech imparts a broad range of GDS integration services to tour operators, travel agents and travel management companies. This will help their customers to take undue advantages of the services booking for various luxury rental cars, bus tickets booking, hotels and airline bookings.